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Hello and welcome to the Audio Republic website

What H-Fi 2019 Winners available at the Audio Republic

We are an independent specialist hifi retailer, offering a comprehensive range of superb sounding audio equipment, encompassing both valve and solid state, both imported and British made. We attempt to deliver the best sound for the money as exemplified by Rega Research who deliver outstanding sonics with extreme reliability. Their recent success at the What Hifi Awards ceremony walking off with six gongs is unparalleled for a relatively small, specialist company. They are proof positive that the UK is still home to innovative manufacturing which is finding success the world over.

As Leeds’ only and exclusive B&W retailer, we are delighted to represent this brand and have the Formation, 600 series and 700 series to demonstrate, watch this space for exciting development with this superlative brand.

We also represent Simaudio from Canada, who are assuming the mantle of a true heavyweight, their products are superbly built with sound to match. They, along with Naim Audio, JE Sugden and Co, Primare and French digital wizards Devialet form the core of our business. We also like our valve amplifiers however, and we stock the fantastic Rogue Audio range, as typified by the amazing Cronus Magnum integrated amplifier, stupendously built and a bargain at £2500. This amplifier is both powerful and subtle delivering real tangible images between your loudspeakers with the tonal abilities that only a valve amplifier can deliver.

We have long had a relationship with Absolute Sounds, who import Audio Research, another of our favourites, who in turn have VTL for company. Slightly different flavours nonetheless, both make some of the best products available.

We have always promoted vinyl as our favourite source, …nothing has changed. Rega make the best and most affordable turntables without question, but after £1500 our friends from Nottingham Analogue, Analogue Works, VPI, Vertere and SME begin to make their presence felt. Vertere in particular have made a significant impact on the marketplace with the MG1 turntable and an innovative tonearm available with different internal and external cabling. We also sell Japanese import vinyl, used only in name, as these records are sonically and visually immaculate, look out for our listings soon.

As someone who dislikes bright, hyper detailed loudspeakers so prevalent today, our choices are designed to keep you listening to your favourite music for hours. Proac continue to advance the state of the art in transducers, the D20R has no peer below £3000, although you may disagree after hearing Harbeth, the reference standard for a smooth, uncoloured midrange and silky treble. These are joined by Monitor Audio and the outstanding Goldenear from America whose designs bring true value back to the marketplace.

Above these in price, we are honoured top represent Sonus Faber with the Olympica range and the tantalising promise of the Homage range to come in 2017 / 2018. Martin Logan, Wilson Audio and some extremely big hitters from JBL complete our lineup.

I sincerely hope that you enjoy browsing our website and would be delighted if we could assist you in building a music system to be worthy of it`s name.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Oliver / Audio Republic Ltd

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