These loudspeakers have slowly built up a keen and loyal following amongst our customers.

Harbeth Audio make without doubt some of the best products within the marketplace at their respective price points, as evinced by their global reputation. When properly run-in, any pair of Harbeth Loudspeakers will provide you with an accurate yet beguiling and fluid mid-range with an uncompressed yet natural high frequency. The difference between models essentially to comes down to that of weight and scale, yet each model has its own unique blend of strengths and character. Harbeth Loudspeakers are not cheap, yet it is not uncommon for a client to end his loudspeaker search with a pair of Harbeth’s and then not feel the need to revisit his purchase for many years. As such they are heirlooms as well as loudspeakers and are held in great esteem by their owners.

At the Audio Republic we carry every model bar the ‘impressive’ (and heavy!) Monitor 40.2, however this is a situation we are working hard to rectify!