Martin Logan

Don’t just read about them, these speakers are all about the listening experience!

Martin Logan manufacture some of the most distinctive and technologically advanced loudspeakers available, combining the best of electrostatic and moving coil principles. The ideal has always been to get the panel and the bass driver to work as seamlessly as possible together. It taken many years of research and development to achieve this ideal, however with their present range of products they have undoubtedly achieved this aim. Unquestionably the star of their line-up is the Ethos Loudspeaker, however we stock several of their models including the Theos and Electro Motion Series. The Montis is also available for demonstration at short notice.

Although the Audio Republic’s focus tends towards stereo reproduction, due to their curved X-Stat panel technology Martin Logan are the ultimate choice for fans of home cinema wishing for a truly three dimensional experience.