The ProAc range is, as they say, reassuringly expensive. Proac do not make cheap loudspeakers and certainly do not produce cheap sounds. Happily, many thousands of audiophiles worldwide agree with the philosophy.

Proac make some of the most transparent loudspeakers available today, at their various price points. Happily driven by either by valve or solid state amplification, Proac Loudspeakers mange to combine both a rhythmically adept sound with a effortlessly lush presentation, which encourages long term listener involvement. Proac Loudspeakers are however very revealing of the qualities of the system used to drive them. If a pair of Proc’s do not sound right it is generally not the loudspeaker at fault! The Audio Republic carries on demonstration the Tablette Anniversary, Studio 100, D1, D2, D18 and D28.

The D28 in particular has a rare but wonderful effortlessness, which once experienced is never forgotten. Other models within the range maybe available for demonstration upon request.