Rega Research

This is it ! All-those on the train seeking the best sound at a reasonable price can alight here. For many years recognised for their outstanding Planar Series of turntables from out of nowhere it seems Rega’s electronics have come to define the performance of mid-value hi-fi. A case in point is their Brio R Amplifier, this amplifier is so good it is competitive with other units at twice its price. The Audio Republic has compared this amplifier to almost every other contender in the sub £1,000 category and have found it to be truly competitive. It possesses a sense of ‘rightness’ and it’s presentation is one that is extremely easy to like. We urge anyone seeking a musically proficient amplifier with less than £1,000 available to give this a try.

In addition to the Brio-R the Apollo R CD player and R-DAC achieve similar results in their product categories. Quite simply Rega set the standard for other companies to beat. Quality design and the resultant performance are the yardsticks of development at Rega. The Audio Republic urges you to come and listen to this truly remarkable range of hi-fi. You may feel that you do not need to spend more! It is that good! With one exception we carry everything made by this Essex based company and are proud to be the exclusive Rega retailer for the whole of West Yorkshire. In addition to this we will soon carry their Reference Level CD Player and amplifier.