VPI Industries

Although affected by intermittent distribution in the past, VPI turntables continue to offer a serious challenge to the established UK turntable industry. These products are some of the finest sounding of their type, and allow the owner endless possibilities to refine their sound through careful choice of cartridge and the ability to get almost all of the important parameters involved in setting up a turntable right first time. This is in no small part to the evolution to the VPI unipivot tone arm, which has to be one of the finest sounding yet lowest cost items of its type. Azimuth, VTA, and downforce are all readily adjustable allowing you to get the best out of any cartridge fitted to one of these tonearms. There are also a myriad of upgrade possibilities for the owner of a VPI product, allowing your turntable performance to increase without major cost or hassle. Essentially neutral sounding, these turntables produce a large and well defined sound stage, with a rock steady placement of images within. We carry models from the Scout and Classic ranges. Highly recommended, as of their record cleaning machines, a must for any serious vinyl collector. please contact us for more information.