Pre-Loved Hi-Fi

Our stock of pre-loved hi-fi is always changing so do check back regularly

ProductRRPSale Price
Moon 650D Reference CD Player in Black with Silver Cheeks£7,900£4250
Naim HDX 2TB Hard Disk Player£4,700£900
Naim Stageline MM phono Stage comes with SNAIC 5-5 lead£419£250
Roksan K3 Integrated Amplifier in Silver£1300£750
Krell S-300i Integrated Amplifier i Silver£2400£1200
Krell S-350a CD Player in Silver£2000£1000
Rega RP6 Turntable in Gloss Black with TTPSU Power Supply and Rega Exact Moving Magnet Cartridge£1000£700
Linn C5100 5 Channel Power Amplifier£3055£750
Linn Mimik CD Player£995£350
Linn Kudos FM/AM Tuner£695£200
Arcam Solo Mini CD/DAB/FM System with USB£650£200
Marantz CD6005 CD Player£400£200
Musical Fidelity X-LP MM/MC Phono StageN/A£100
Yamaha K-222 Double Cassette DeckN/A£100
PMC tweny5.24 Floorstanding Speakers in Walnut£5,295£3500
Quad ESL63 Electrostatic Speakers and Stands in Brown

Receipts for £1300 for repanelling both speakers