Sugden Audio

Never a prophet in his own land

It seems slightly strange to us, that, handling some of the best audio equipment within the marketplace, Sugden Audio have never attained a level of fame commensurate with the quality of their products. Make no mistake about it, this company’s offerings form the basis of some of the most musically satisfying systems that we sell. Their entrenched belief that class A circuitry produces some of the most open and distortion free sounds has been recognised by our customers who continue to purchase ever increasing quantities of these musical masterpieces. Each product of this company is a hand assembled labour of love, designed to deliver both performance and a pride of ownership to its owner. Although very different sounding to your average “high street hi-fi”, we feel that in many cases they cannot be bettered (sometimes at any price!) The entry level A21 Series 2 Amplifier is a case in point. This unit’s performance, can, when used with (Siltech) cables costing more than the price of the unit itself, turn in a phenomenal performance. Here at Audio Republic we carry almost all of this fine company’s output.