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We have a number of Rega B-Stock Turntables and Amplifiers available

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The Audio Republic is Leeds’ longest lived specialist hi-if retailer, having started life in September 2002. Since that day, many things within the hi-fi industry have changed, however it is still our aim to offer the most comprehensive selection of 2 channel stereo equipment to our customers.

We have always supported vinyl as a serious format for enjoying music. The recent resurgence of interest in both hardware and software has enabled us to offer an unparalleled selection of turntables, tone arms, cartridges and phono stages from the likes of Rega Research, VPI Industries, Roksan,  SME, Vertere and Nottingham Analogue. To complement these fine turntables we offer an unmatched range of cartridges from Audio Technica, Hana, Kiseki, Dynavector, Shelter, Van Den Hul, Denon, Luxman, Rega and Lyra

Vinyl with a passion

Our depth of knowledge in analogue replay spans many years and we take great pride in setting up our customers turntables optimanially. We are always happy to answer your questions regarding cartridge, tone arm, turntable matching.

Home of Rega

The Audio Republic prides itself in offering a comprehensive selection of hi-if products from Rega Research, who deliver outstanding sonics with extreme reliability. Rega Research recent success at the What Hi-Fi Award is testimony to their achievements. We have been offering the full Rega range since our launch in 2002 and our customers love Rega’s products. Rega are just one example in the UK Hi-Fi industry that the UK is still home to innovative manufacturing which is finding success the world over.

Hear B&W’s Best Speakers

As Leeds’ only and exclusive B&W retailer, we are delighted to represent this brand and have the Formation, 600 series, 700 series and now 800 series to demonstrate. B&W are rightly praised for being some of the best loudspeakers money can buy, we would be delighted to demonstrate these masterpieces to you in your home.

Heavyweight Hi-Fi Products

We also represent Simaudio from Canada, who’s brand Moon, is assuming the mantle of a true heavyweight, their products are superbly built with sound to match. They, along with Sugden, Luxman, Audiolab and Naim Audio . We also like our valve amplifiers however, and we stock the fantastic Rogue Audio range, as typified by the amazing Cronus Magnum 3 integrated amplifier, stupendously built and a bargain at £3,500. This amplifier is both powerful and subtle delivering real tangible images between your loudspeakers with the tonal abilities that only a valve amplifier can deliver.

The Best Hi-Fi Products Available

We have long had a relationship with Absolute Sounds, who import Audio Research, a heavyweight American manufacturer of Reference Electronics.

As someone who dislikes bright, hyper detailed loudspeakers so prevalent today, our choices are designed to keep you listening to your favourite music for hours. Proac continue to advance the state of the art in transducers, the D20R has no peer below £3500, although you may disagree after hearing Spendor, with either their modern A Line , D Line or Classic Series.

Above these in price, we are honoured to represent Wilson Audio, with their reference quality and finish. Plus sound that is truly world beating.

Yours sincerely

Andrew Oliver / Audio Republic Ltd

Bower & Wilkins

The Audio Republic is the new name for Bower & Wilkins in Leeds

Facebook Posts

2 months ago

Audio Republic
Possibly one of the best cartridges period. A Dynavector DRT XV1t, destined to grace one of our client’s tonearms soon. This fire breathing dragon of a beast produces one of the most ‘live’ and ‘you are there’ experiences that you will ever hear from vinyl. Not for the faint hearted !. This, fitted to a Vertere Acoustics MG1 turntable will entertain all day long, both deck and cartridge disappear, leaving the band in the room…… This £6495 time machine is only one of the many high end moving coil cartridges that we sell that will add a completely new dimension to your musical enjoyment. Life does not get much better than this !.,#dynavectorsystems,#audiorepublicnorth,#vinylrecords, #vertere,#turntablelove. ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

Audio Republic
Just arrived, our Chord Ultima Pre 3 and Ultima Power 6 amplifiers. These are staggering accomplishments both from a visual and sonic perspective. This company now produce some of the most innovative and sonically successful products of ANY British manufacturer, and at largely realistic prices. I don’t think I am alone in saying that twenty or so years ago, these products sonically would not have been for me. But the company has evolved and so has the sound. It is incredibly articulate with real dynamic ability. This has always been so. But now it is backed up with a lushness, weight and texture that makes for a truly compelling listen. Specialist retailer product alert !. If your HiFi system needs a new engine take this V12 power plant for a spin !. #ChordElectronics,#audiorepublicnorth ... See MoreSee Less
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2 months ago

Audio Republic
After our inaugural Linn / Kudos event, we have been staggered by the response. This week we have taken in no less than six Linn LP12 turntables, mainly for Karousel bearings and cartridge upgrades, although we now have a Keel and a Core on order too. One of the cartridges sure to delight is a rebuilt Kandid, to be fitted to an Audio Origami PU7 Ti, a stellar arm that works exceptionally well on an LP12. We are fortunate to have the trust of these individual companies to retail and install their products in the correct manner. Long live vinyl, long live specialist HiFi. Treat your goosebumps to a great turntable, they will love you for it !. #Linn,#audiorepublicnorth,#audiorigami, ... See MoreSee Less
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3 months ago

Audio Republic
You may have noticed that HiFi is big on retro at the minute, particularly with loudspeakers. However, one significant product of note is the new, reworked Musical Fidelity A1 amplifier. We have just received our first samples of this product and I have to say that it is stunning. When I worked, many years ago, at Steve Boxshall Audio in Cambridge, we sold the original version of this amplifier. Mated with a pair of Rogers LS4a loudspeakers,(another classic, go on, make my day ,someone start making those too!😁), these literally walked out of the door. Paired with a Manticore Mantra turntable and a Marantz CD65SE CD player this was a system that sounded rich, fluid, dynamic and very convincing. This amp and speaker pairing even did justice to better front ends such as a Roksan Xerxes or a The Source.Twenty five watts might not sound a lot but it has been driving out Dynaudio Special 40’s, Kudos Super 20’s and Audiovector QR3’s with ease.We are delighted to have been selected as one of only a few retailers to retail this outstanding product. It is very different from the norm at this price point, but it now features a remote control and retains the very fine phono stage which is mm/ mc compatible. We expect interest in this product to be high, if you are in the market for an amp at this price point make sure you give it a listen 👍#musicalfidelity,#audiorepublicnorth. ... See MoreSee Less
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Music as it should be

Audio Republic Ltd
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Derek PoxtonDerek Poxton
14:24 01 Oct 23
Many thanks for the work you did on my LP12. It sounds superb. Looking forward to having the rest of the upgrades done. Great work manycarried..MoutwithcarMany thanks m
Eric HeatonEric Heaton
11:03 14 Jul 23
Bought Rega Elex Mk4 and Andrew delivered it personally from Newcastle to Leeds. Not just a case of dropping it off. Andrew spent time discussing set up and suggested other components to compliment the amp in the future. I can see myself spending a lot of money at Audio Republic in the future such is their exceptional service and outstanding knowledge of all things Hifi.
13:21 07 Jul 23
Andrew has been so reliable over the years, thankyou again for a small business that is a treasureDenis
Melanie PeraraMelanie Perara
17:24 02 Jul 23
Extremely happy with the service recieved from Andrew and the team. I have bought some excellent demonstration kit, as well as having my early Sondek serviced for the first time in 40 years, with some select additions suggested by Andrew. It all sounds sublime now and I find it very difficult to not shut myself away and listen to LP's all day. It might lead to a divorce, but the bang for buck brilliance of their service could not be beaten. Here's to a very long lasting relationship with Audio Republic!
Harry SturgillHarry Sturgill
20:48 24 May 23
Not particularly impressed. Nice equipment but very mismatched.
Graham BaldwinGraham Baldwin
19:13 13 May 23
I have recently bought a Rogue Audio Sphinx v3. No pressure salesmen just very good service. And I received my amp the next day.
Michael SomersMichael Somers
16:36 18 Apr 23
Bought hi fi off Andrew for must be twenty yrs customer service excellent .. knows his stuff good luck with your Gateshead venture sure u will be a success
Mike CrawleyMike Crawley
16:24 15 Dec 22
My wife and myself were wanting to treat ourselves to a new hi fi system.After much research ,reading reviews etc, we decided on a REGA system because it was good quality and British.We found that Audio Republic are a dealer and local to us. Andrew invited us to visit his newly opened Gateshead showroom.Both Andrew and David listened to our requirements and put together a REGA system that was suitable for us.Andrew came to our house to set the system up and ensure it was working properly and we were happy with it.They didn't decry our original suggested budget,as some of their competitors had, but effortlessly convinced us to increase our buget to obtain a system that we are proud of and will last for many years.We are very pleased with the service from the lads at Audio Republic and are confident that if we have any problems they will be around and willing to sort them.Thanks.
John GardnerJohn Gardner
16:11 12 Nov 22
Really great company, Audio Republic are a proper Hifi dealership, I visited the shop in Leeds to buy some new speakers, Karl who runs the shop was an absolute pleasure to deal with and talk to about all things Hifi, he couldn't have been more helpful. I would definitely buy from this dealership again in the future.
Shakeel MughalShakeel Mughal
15:38 10 Nov 22
Wow! Wow! Wow! Could not contain my excitement and was jumping around some what crazy when i got this little baby back home and spinning with the needle on the track! RP3 with an upgraded cartridge, the Audio Technica M750 combined with Rega Fono MM MK5 and the Rega Neo TIPSU MK2. I had a rather vintage RP3 which I had since 2002, still in good nick but with a worn cartridge. Yes I could have just replaced the cartridge but i had my eye on this little baby in white and so pleased with the tunes she is producing. The base is crisp and sharp and the voices and tones are so much more natural in sound. Real subtleties i can hear at all frequencies. Set up with Cyrus/B&W speakers its just a sublime experience. Thank you Audio Republic for the knowledge and guidance as i had gone in thinking new RP3 with an up graded cartridge, so really needed the reassurance and experience.
Mr Mark WheelwrightMr Mark Wheelwright
16:38 24 Aug 22
Absolutely thrilled with Audio Republic.The service and expertise from Karl was second to none.I have some ageing but awesome Linn products that needed a new lease of life and Karl did not disappoint … He only used to work at Linn back in the day …… whaaat.If you have worked for Linn as an an engineer well that speaks volumes in itself.Karl is a pro and for a reasonable fee I now have a newly serviced turntable, new cartridge, balanced tone arm, working Linn Karik CD & DAC and some pristine pre-loved Linn Keilidh’s.The setup is pure heaven. The process was relaxed, good advice without the hard sell.Thanks Karl, will be back.Mark
Iain MaidenIain Maiden
09:22 04 Jul 22
I'd heard about Audio Republic from a friend. I contacted Karl prior to my visit (50 mile drive both ways) and discussed what would be best for me for the amount I wanted to spend. I wanted to upgrade my amp. Karl advised that for what I wanted to spend the Riga Brio fitted the bill perfectly. He was right. I took my old amp in because I wanted to hear a comparison... that was no issue for Karl, and he duly obliged by playing some death metal at a decent volume at 0930 on a Saturday morning ?, followed by some Pink Floyd and others. He has a very relaxed manner and no pushy sales tactics at all. If there is space you can park right outside the shop which is great. It's obvious that it is a passion for Karl and it was such a refreshing experience in the shop. I even ended up buying an upgraded turntable as well. All in all, can't recommend Karl and Audio Republic enough !
james mccullochjames mcculloch
15:29 31 Mar 22
Great service from Karl, As a first time buyer of a turntable/audio set up I was given great guidance and I am very happy with my product- plays beautifully.
Neil MonaghanNeil Monaghan
18:50 29 Mar 22
Would highly recommend audio republic , very knowledgeable and helpful, fantastic shop and service , I’ll definitely be returning when I’m ready to upgrade my system .
Martyn PotterMartyn Potter
19:43 27 Nov 21
I was looking to buy a Regar P3 turntable and contacted Andrew at Audio Republic who invited me in to review the kit. Andrew spent nearly an hour telling me all about the turntable and other accessories. I was extremely impressed by his knowledge, enthusiasm and overall customer service. This experience was even more enhanced when Andrew asked whether I would like his colleague Carl to deliver the turntable to my house and set it up free of charge. Carl was equally personable and knowledgeable and spent nearly an hour setting up the turntable and chatting about all things audio and music.Audio Republic offer exceptional customer service and I would highly recommend them.
Tanya GibsonTanya Gibson
10:27 17 Oct 21
Having the expert guidance of Karl from Audio Republic was absolutely invaluable when choosing the ideal setup for us. There's no hard sell and he really takes the time to understand what works for you and helps you get the most you can from your budget.We spent about an hour and a half in the shop listening to different setups and I'm so glad we had that opportunity because it allowed us to appreciate the difference in turntable performance and know how much power we needed from the speakers for our space.Karl gave us a very competitive quote for the setup and even came over to set everything up for us. We didn't hesitate in trusting his recommendations and we couldn't be happier with the setup we have. We're now rediscovering all our records and are extremely happy with our investment.
Shel ThomisShel Thomis
12:47 22 Sep 21
Great place, the high quality of equipment available matches the high quality of advice and service. Karl is an absolute font of knowledge and Andrew couldn't have been more helpful. Thank you, my brother is loving the new amp! Highly recommended shop.

Always in heavy rotation in our demo room

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